We produce and deliver high quality chemicals and services

Our products include Printing Inks and Coatings for Packaging Sacks, Bottle labels, Crown caps, Bags and Cartons, Floor Coatings, Coil Coatings, Marine Coatings & Decorative Paints. Our Flexographics & Gravure Ink products include Poly Bags (plastic), Paperboard Boxes, Paper Bags, Bottle and Cap Packaging,

Corrugated Boxes, Plastic Boxes and Rigid (Luxury) Boxes. Our coil coatings include Polyesters, Silicone polyesters, PVC/Plastisols and Fluorocarbons. Our Floor Coatings include Epoxy, Polyurethane and Polyurea. Our Paints range from Satin, Flat/Matte to Semi-Gloss.